I’ve won a free prize that is less than the minimum withdrawal amount. What can I do with it?

Slots Temple give away thousands of pounds each month in free tournament prizes, including some individual prizes that are less than the £10 minimum withdrawal amount. By offering smaller prizes alongside larger ones, it means that more players are winners. Furthermore it also gives players that wish to try paid entry tournaments an opportunity to do so. These tournaments often have larger prizes and/or fewer players than the free entry tournaments, and entry fees start from as little as £0.50. All tournaments can be viewed and accessed via the Tournament Schedule.

For players that prefer not to try the paid entry tournaments, we ensure that Slots Temple account balances do not expire. Therefore these players can withdraw the prize as soon as their balance reaches the £10 minimum withdrawal amount at any time in the future (e.g. next time they make a deposit or win another free prize).


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