What is a ‘global’ limit?

What is a ‘global’ limit?

A global limit is a limit that is set by Slots Temple.

These global limits can be subject to change at any time, and are separate from the personal limits that players can set via my account > player protection section.

Therefore if a player sets a personal limit at a lower level than the Slots Temple global limit, then the personal limit will always supersede the global limit.


What is a global ‘spend’ limit?

Details of any monthly global spend limits will appear in the my account > player protection section.

Global ‘spend’ limits are calculated based on a player’s net spend (deposits minus withdrawals) within a calendar month. This differs to traditional deposit limits, as a ‘spend’ limit will allow players to also deposit any winnings that were previously withdrawn during the same month. 

For example:

  • Slots Temple assigns you a £50 global monthly ‘spend limit’ (note that this is only an example amount for illustration purposes).
  • You deposit £50.
  • You have a winning session, and your account balance goes up to say, £75.
  • You decide to withdraw that £75.
  • With our old global deposit limits, you wouldn‘t have been able to make another deposit in that same month (as you had already deposited £50).
  • However, with a global ‘spend’ limit, you could go on to deposit a further £75 that month if you wished to do so.
  • The reason for this is because you‘d be depositing and playing with funds that you have already won and/or withdrawn within the same month.

Important – global spend limits may be subject to change at any time. Therefore if you wish to have a fixed limit in place (daily, weekly or monthly), then please set yourself a deposit limit via the my account > player protection section of your Slots Temple account (click here).


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