How do I make a complaint?

Slots Temple aims to provide the best possible customer experience, so please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that you are unhappy with. Below is further information regarding complaints and disputes.


Complaints and Disputes

Our Ts&Cs are drafted in accordance with applicable consumer legislation and include links to our complaints form and dispute procedure pages. 

A complaint is any complaint about the conduct of our licensed activities.

A dispute is any complaint which relates to the outcome of a gambling transaction and has not been resolved at the first stage of our complaints procedure.


Complaints Procedure

Complaints can be raised for at least 8 months from the date of the incident. 

The complaints procedure is as follows:

  1. Customers can submit complaints via email to (Using the Email Subject: "COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE"), or via our online form here.
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours of receipt;
  3. All complaints will be assessed by our Head of Customer Operations.
  4. If a complaint is not resolved within 8 weeks, we will issue a ‘deadlock letter’ to customers to confirm that they have reached the end of their internal complaints process. This will explain:
  • The final decision
  • That this is the end of our complaints process; and
    How to escalate their complaint to an independent ADR entity if they wish to do so.


Dispute Resolution

If you have exhausted our complaints handling procedure and are still not satisfied within 8 weeks of the date when you made the original complaint you can use IBAS to resolve the dispute at no cost to yourself.

IBAS is a third-party organisation offering independent adjudication in relation to betting and gaming disputes.

To raise your dispute or complaint with IBAS, you will need to request a Deadlock Email from our Customer Support team ( 

This email will outline the full details of your dispute or complaint and will include a unique reference number that must be quoted when submitting a dispute or complaint with IBAS

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