Why do some players on the xPoints leaderboard have high scores?

At present, the xPoints leaderboard contains Slots Temple players from all over the world (and different regions have different games with different numbers of spins per tournament).  

The reason for this difference is because here in the UK the auto-spin feature is no longer allowed for UK Gambling Commission licensed operators such as ourselves, so we deliberately have fewer spins in UK tournaments versus rest of the world tournaments (the reason being so UK tournaments are not too long / too many clicks).  However, the good news is that the UK is the only region where we currently offer cash prizes for free tournaments, and that there are plans in the pipeline to split the xPoints leaderboard into separate regions to avoid any confusion (i.e. so you'll only see UK players displayed from then onwards).

Therefore please rest assured that it is a level playing field for all players playing for cash prizes!



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